Best Brands from 2000 to 2016

Best Brands 2000-2017

It’s understandable and expected that the best brands  of the world may not keep their place in the top 8 over a period of 17 years. From the data from, we collected top 8 best brands from the years 2000 , 2004 ,2008, 2012 and 2016. The comparison between them reveals some interesting insights:

Theory of Marketing Relativity

If there’s one field where every move is about what others are doing, that’s marketing. The theory of marketing relativity is something that has been discussed by all marketing gurus over the time. It’s the basic concept of differentiation, being different from the competitors. In strategy, it’s called Blue Ocean. It’s what the positioning statement … Continue reading Theory of Marketing Relativity

Power of Change Nucleus in Marketing

Follow @kazimofrad Imagine that you are in a clothing store and suddenly you stumble upon a pair of bright orange pants. “What a waste of shelf space.” You think. ” Who would want to buy this stuff?”. Yet, in the next couple of months, you see a few people in your circle wearing those pants. During the first few times, … Continue reading Power of Change Nucleus in Marketing

The Single Most Important Change in Google’s New Logo

Follow @kazimofrad The internet is abuzz with the changes made in Google’s new logo. Articles on why people hate or love it are all around the internet. I have personally loved the changes because it gave the brand an air of freshness (which every technology brand needs regularly), didn’t change its core elements and, most … Continue reading The Single Most Important Change in Google’s New Logo